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Muscle clad raven haired beauty Tracy Daniels

The sumptuous, raven haired, muscle clad beauty Tracy Daniels puts on a spectacular display of pure muscle combined with the very sexual and sensual nature and passion of a woman who has seen the world and all it has to offer. In this video the delightful Tracy stands in a very opulently dressed room of green and gold in front of a black and gold chaise lounge The fresh sea breeze from an open window blows her beautiful long curly black hair as she seductively poses to the music, and all the time she is looking at the camera with her big steely grey come to bed eyes and with one of the most alluring smiles upon her beautiful face. Modelling in a rather revealing tight little black dress, Tracy Daniels is obviously very proud of her beautifully toned body and she wants to share it with you. Each of her poses is designed to highlight a different part of her body, from her long kissable neck right down to sexy ankles. As well as her upper body strength with is more than obvious when she pumps her muscles, this girl has the most amazing pair of long legs with thighs which would be more than capable of squeezing a man to death, not to mention that glorious ass! The ambient light from the lamp plays trick with light and shadows and casts a radiant glow upon her already oiled and sun kissed skin, accentuating every muscle and sumptuous curve and making the jewels she wears upon her body sparkle like the stars in the night sky. Tracy Daniels has a stunning figure and when she is not tensing her muscles, you would never guess that she is a muscle model, however when she does tense those muscles, you had better watch out, this girl means business!

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