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Muscle babe Anna Cervantes

This is my absolute favourite show from the beautiful Anna Cervantes. For those of you who already know Anna, this is one that you certainly don’t want to miss and for those of you that have yet to meet the busty muscle babe, let me tell you, you are in for a real treat. Anna Cervantes stands on the beach wearing a pretty little summer dress in shades of aqua marine and lime green before a beautiful backdrop of bright blue ocean and pale sky. The natural light of the scene makes Anna’s oiled skin take on a radiant glow as it catches the sun’s rays. At the start of the shoot the camera focuses on both of her best assets, those big and beautiful breasts which she squeezes together as she caresses her sumptuous body and those fantastic thighs. As the shoot progresses the muscle babe kneels down on the wet sand with her knees spread wide apart. The waves role up and send plumes of cool fresh water crashing between her legs, leaving her dripping wet as the camera pans down for a closer look. She takes her hand and rubs between her legs, feeling her arousal, the wetness of her underwear and the dampness of her skin. Little droplets of water are clinging to her beautiful sun kissed skin and glinting in the light of the sun. The sexy muscle babe does not move, she just kneels there in the sand, letting the waves crash through her legs time and time again, feeling the coldness of the water against her hot and now moist pussy. The smile on her face tells it all, this beautiful muscle babe is getting turned, the thought of you watching her is only adding to her arousal. This is one that you definitely don’t want to miss, come and join us in the member’s area now to access the full video.

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