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Hot muscle babe Brigita Brezovac in her prime

Wearing a bright yellow bikini, hot muscle babe Brigita Brezovac heads off down to the beach to show off every inch of her amazing muscle clad body. This really is Brigita Brezovac at her prime. Her body at the moment is in true competition form with each and every one of her muscles totally ripped and bulging from her body. Her beautiful bronzed and sun kissed skin which has been previously oiled takes on a radiant glow beneath the sun’s rays, the bright yellow of her bikini and the dull blue ocean backdrop, really helping to define every curve, hard line and dimple as she pumps her muscles. She strikes her first pose, the front lat spread pose, flexing her legs as she pulls her arms up towards her waist, as the camera moves in to take a closer look, this combined with a few moves of her own highlights all of her upper body muscle, her biceps, triceps, shoulder and pectoral muscles. She continues to flex, turning her arms in and out to display each and every muscle. She then moves on to a side chest pose, again all her moves are carried out to the music in the background, the hot muscle babe stands face on to the camera and places one hand over her wrist, pulling her arm upwards and inflating her chest at the same time to produce another typical body building competition pose. Next comes the front double bicep pose which is the first pose that judges usually see at competition, the hot muscle babe carries this out beautifully with her legs spread wide and her elbows level with her shoulder blades. It is easy to see with all of this fantastically defines muscle how she is so well known in the world of female body building and has placed at so many competitions. This beautiful, hot muscle babe certainly knows how to strike an awesome pose!

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