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Model's Stats

  • Name: Abby Marie
  • Body Type: Athletic former gymnast
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Bust Size: B
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Babe Abby Marie struts her stuff on the beach

Abby Marie is defiantly one sexy muscle clad babe and this is obvious to all as she takes to the beach dressed in a sexy black 2 piece bra and panties set. She walks across the beach in circling motions, turning herself around to first face to camera and then turns away so all the way through this delightful video we get to see her sexy muscle, well-toned body and her beautiful flawless bronzed skin from quite literally all angles. As she walks the brisk, fresh sea breeze blows her through her hair, framing her lovely face perfectly as she continually glances towards the camera. Her eyebrows arch up as her sexy big brown eyes exude a look of passion and sex appeal. The natural light flooding in to the shoot play tricks with light and shadows, giving her skin an ambient glow which is perfectly captured by our talented camera man. Although each and every sexy muscle is clearly defined again the grey background of sea, her muscle structure is not too overwhelming, she has everything exactly in the right proportions. Her washboard stomach catches the light as she twirl her body around in circles, and looking at those tight abdominal muscles, it is clear to see that this sexy muscle babe puts in many hours at the gym, working on those spectacular abs. Enough of the turning now she goes for a jog across the beach, her back to us now, showing off her long legs and delightful ass that although firm gives just a little wobble when she runs. This striking and sexy muscle babe really does have one of the best toned bodies without being too muscle bound and a very sexy persona to go with it which makes for one very appealing look. You can see much more of Abby Marie and all of her sexy muscle friends over in the memberís area right now!